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Dog Caught Shoplifting Toy At Dollar General Store

A dog was seen walking into a store, grabbing a dog toy, and then leaving the store with the toy.

By: John Roberts


The dog, who was dubbed the “shoplifting dog”, was seen roaming a Dollar General store in Bedford, Kentucky.

The dog headed straight to the dog food/toy aisle. It smelled the food and looked around until it spotted a toy it liked. The dog then grabbed the toy in its mouth and walked out of the store with it.

Two men, who spotted the dog in the store, recorded the incident. They are heard laughing as they watched the clever dog “shopping.” After the dog left the store with the toy, the men are heard telling a store employee that the dog walked out with a toy. The men left the store and watched as the dog ran off with its stolen toy.

In another incident, a three-legged dog named Oscar, was caught on the store video surveillance stealing a sausage from a supermarket in the city of Invercargill, earlier this week.

It is believed that the animal has escaped from its house while its owner was on vacation. Hundreds of people in New Zealand now have offered to adopt the three-legged dog. Supermarket Owner Esmay Hay joked: “She was surprised because thieves are usually two legged.”

She added: “We have noticed the movement of the security cameras facing the back, and there is no one there, so we assume now that Oscar may have paid us a visit before.”



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