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Posting Holocaust Selfies

Blogger Hektor Brehl, writing  for the German version of Vice magazine, has a piece about the tendency of  young travelers to post pics taken at Holocaust memorials in which they show off  their new sneakers and crack “uncool” jokes.




By Toby Axelrod

Brehl collected an array of examples. His 25 top offenders include a  girl in mittens giving a thumbs-up sign (hashtags: #auschwitz #birkenau… #chilly  #willy”), a grinning girl posed so a Jewish star appears to grow out of her  head (#juden #arbeitmachtfrei #treblinka #zyklonB #feelgood), a smiling  girl posing at the Treblinka memorial in Poland (#Look #cool #hot #treblinka  #Poland) and a photo of the Berlin Holocaust memorial with the hashtag  #instacaust.

Most of Brehl’s top 25 are girls posing cutely. But he also notes  another trend in which gay men trolling for dates post selfies taken at the  Berlin memorial.

“Instagram seems to work like a Polaroid filter for some people’s brains,”  Brehl concludes, “turning off the #commonsense function.”

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