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Where Are The Best Locations For Americans To View The Blood Moon Monday Night

Astronomy classes in high schools and colleges usually pay attention when there is a lunar eclipse, plus a few scientists who want to renew their memories of the image.

But this coming week’s eclipse, the first of a rare “tetrad,” a series of four blood moons on Jewish holidays this year and next, is getting a lot more attention.

Some consider it nothing more than an alignment of the heavens, but others are watching much more closely, because of the alignment with biblical prophecy.

A report from details just which regions of the United States will have the best view of this astronomical phenomenon beginning at 12:53 a.m. on the Tuesday, April 15.

Viewing conditions will be poor in the eastern United States, except for South Florida, Meteorologist Brian Edwards said.

Edwards reported, “A front will stretch from central Quebec down through the Appalachians into the Gulf Coast. It will bring clouds, showers and even thunder in the South and mid-Atlantic. It will be mostly dry but clouds will be streaming into New England.”

But high pressure systems over the Canadian Prairies, Texas and Oklahoma will be in control, bringing clear skies and good viewing conditions to the central U.S. and parts of the Southwest, Edwards said.

“A storm off the Pacific Northwest coast will bring clouds and showers to western Washington and Oregon,” he said.

What begins on Passover is called a “blood moon tetrad,” a series of lunar eclipses that has occurred before in history – at times when there have been significant events for the nation of Israel.

They were there for the Six-Day War in 1967, and for the nation of Israel’s rebirth in the 1940s.

This year – and in 2015 – they happen on the biblical holidays of Passover and Sukkot.

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