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Canada: Muslim accidentally poisoned himself, refused to get help from infidels

JOHN-NUTTALL-AMANDA-KORODY-facebook“Nuttall” indeed. “Ian Mulgrew: Alleged terrorist accidentally poisoned himself weeks before planned attack,” by Ian Mulgrew, Vancouver Sun, March 30, 2015 (thanks to Block Ness):

Accused terrorist John Nuttall nearly killed himself with strychnine-contaminated samosas six weeks before he planted phoney bombs at the B.C. Legislature.

After accidentally ingesting the colourless, odourless crystal pesticide that he had spilled on a counter while poisoning ants — and then putting his food on it — he refused to call 9-1-1 and accept help from the “infidels.”

Vomiting blood, Nuttall came so close to death he claimed to see, “out of the corner of my eye, the angel of death, scratching the back of my neck with his sickle.”

The hooded, black-robed figure, he said, had breath that smelled “like a dead body … it was so putrid that one can’t describe what the smell is like … I could smell death.”

His wife and co-accused Amanda Korody thought it was a Jinn — a supernatural spirit from the Qur’an.

Fearing he was about to die, Nuttall “said a little prayer and held my wife’s hand.”

He asked forgiveness for killing the ants running rampant through their basement apartment and said he expected they would “punish” him in the grave crawling up his nose and into his eyes.


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