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Gaza family ‘tricked’ into selling very valuable Banksy painting for just $175

A Palestinian man says he was tricked into selling a mural by the artist Banksy that is estimated to be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Rabie Darduna told the BBC he was given less than $175 (£118) for the image drawn on the only remaining door of his house in Gaza.

It was one of thousands of homes destroyed during last year’s war.

Banksy visited Gaza in February and used the rubble as a canvas for his politicised graffiti.

His paintings included a cat playing with a ball of mangled metal and an image of children swinging from an Israeli watchtower.

On the door of the Dardunas’ ruined house, he left an picture of a weeping Greek goddess.

Mr Darduna said he was duped into selling the piece by a local man who was pretending to work for the artist.

“Really, we’re depressed. It’s a matter of fraud,” he said.

The buyer told the BBC his purchase was legal. He said he paid $175 for the mural. But Banksy’s artworks usually carry a much higher price tag.

In August a painting by the artist left on the wall of a social club in the English city of Bristol sold for more than $590,000 (£400,000).


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