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18 Questions Hotel Waiters Are Wondering at Pesach Hotels

Waiters at Grand Place in Brussels

1) ”What does this mean, when I walk over to someone who won’t talk to me, and all he says is, “nu, nu?”

2) ”Why are guests walking around at 1 AM with pillows full of grape juice stains, and singing at the top of their lungs?

3) “What’s the problem with shaking a guest’s hand?

4) “Why don’t the men shave?”

5) “How do 800 people eat enough food in a week to feed an army of 5000 soldiers for a month?”

6) ”The guests have been eating non-stop all week. Why the big rush to get a slice of pizza the night Passover ends?”

7) “If you want me to turn up the air conditioning in your room on your Holiday, why don’t you just ask me? Why do you just say something like, “it’s sure hot in my room,” and expect me to read your mind?”

8) “What’s a shtriemel and a tichel and a yarmulke?”

9) “I know you need it to be really clean in the kitchen, but grown men crawling on the floor with toothpicks? Really?”

10) “You want me to record everyone’s menu orders on Shabbos without using a pen?”

11) “What’s the problem with using toilet paper on your Holiday – you sure go through a lot of tissues!”

12) “Why does the elevator stop at every floor?”


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