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The fastest growing religion in the world is …

Managing the crowds at the Hajj – The annual Hajj pilgramage draws more than 2 million Muslim pilgrims from around the world.
Managing the crowds at the Hajj – Saudi officials have long employed live crowd analytics software CrowdVision to manage the throng with real-time data.
– While various health crises — namely MERS and Ebola — have cast a shadow over this year’s proceedings, organizers employed a medical army to address any health issues that might arise.

– According to the World Health Organization (WHO), this year there were 180 ambulances on standby, as well as 22,000 health care professionals, 141 health centers, 25 hospitals with 5,250 beds, and 19,000 units of varying blood types.

– Traffic used to be a much bigger problem around the holy sites. Authorities have 15,000 buses on standby. A metro line completed in 2011 has helped to take some of the burden off the roads.

– To safeguard against the possibility of a terrorist attack, officials installed thousands of CCTV cameras throughout Saudi Arabia, focusing on the holy sites, and employed facial recognition technology.




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