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After heartbreaking picture of four-year-old Syrian girl ‘surrendering’ to photographer, Red Cross worker shares image of SECOND youngster putting her hands up because she thought camera was gun


  • Crying Syrian girl was photographed in Jordanian refugee camp in November
  • She threw her hands up in the air and began crying when she saw his camera
  • Cameraman broke into tears when he reviewed the heart-breaking image later
  • Follows iconic image of another girl who surrendered to cameraman in Syria
  • Thousands of children have fled embattled country to seek refuge in Jordan
  • Conflict charity claims their experiences cause terror-inducing flashbacks

The young Syrian girl pictured surrendering to the camera she mistook for a gun is not the only one traumatised by a short life filled with violence and war.Another little girl was photographed in a Jordanian refugee camp, weeping with fear after mistaking an aid worker’s camera for a weapon.

The photographer who took the heart-breaking image in November did not grasp how terrified she was until he was editing the photographs.

It was then Rene Schulthoff realised the girl – alone and barefoot among the metal huts – was so scared of his camera that ‘she raised her hands to surrender because she thought it was a weapon’.

He told MailOnline: ‘I had tears in my eyes when I saw her like that on my computer. I was shocked by her reaction, the fear and seeing her crying… It is a tragedy for this young generation.’

‘Instead of playing with friends, they grow up in permanent fear under extremely poor conditions missing almost everything. A childhood of pain tears and sadness.’

‘They miss a peaceful happy childhood, kindergartens, education and what they learn currently is that life is pure horror.’

The Communications Delegate for the German Red Cross regularly visits the camp which is 62 miles east of the capital Amman, but does not know if the nameless girl is there with her family.

She is one of 17,000 living in Azraq camp according to the United Nations Refugee Agency – having fled the brutal war that has plagued Syria for over four years.

The pictures showing her torment follow the iconic image of another Syrian girl who ‘broke millions of hearts’ after surrendering to a different cameraman Osman Sagirli.

Yesterday, MailOnline exclusively revealed four-year-old Adi Hudea could now be in the hands of Al Qaeda after her family left the Atmeh refugee camp for Idlib.

She, her mother and three siblings had been living in the Syrian camp since the young girl’s father was killed in the 2012 Hama massacre.

But two weeks ago, they made the fateful decision to move south – only for Idlib to fall into the hands of Al Qaeda’s brutal Syrian allies just this weekend.

The now-iconic picture was taken late last year and went viral when photojournalist Nadia Abu Shaban who is based in Gaza tweeted it last week.

Conflict charity War Child says thousands of children carry ‘deep trauma from what they have been through inside Syria’.
This kind of experience can stay with a child and become a dominant part of their consciousness, blocking concentration and coming out as mental flashbacks so intense they induce total terror
Rob Williams, CEO War Child UK

Its Chief Executive Rob Williams told MailOnline: ‘One of these children told me that she and her mother had spend two hours picking up the body parts of her little sister who had been hit by shell fire as she played outside.

‘This kind of experience can stay with a child and become a dominant part of their consciousness, blocking concentration and coming out as mental flashbacks so intense they induce total terror.’

Mr Williams claims their counselling programme helps children regain ’emotional control’ but he says for every child they help, ‘there are at least 50 others’ who need it.

A massive number of Syrians have sought refuge in Jordan this month, according to a recent UNHCR report.

Around 250 Syrian refugees cross the border every day and in just four days leading up to March 18, over one thousand people had escaped the embattled country for Jordan.

The refugees are coming from the embattled northern city of Aleppo and also from the city of Dara’a which borders Jordan in the south of Syria.


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