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How to Make Perfect Chicken Soup and Matzah Balls

Yield: 8-10 servings
More than any other question that I get from friends and readers is how to make a great chicken soup with matzah balls. Chicken soup is universal, comforting and enjoyed year-round, as opposed to some traditional Jewish foods that are only enjoyed at a particular holiday.

It’s not complicated if you follow a few easy steps, and this year we decided to help out even further by making a short video to help take away the mystery of making perfect chicken soup every time.
How to Make the Perfect Chicken Soup

We love debating sinkers versus floaters when it comes to matzah balls, right? Well I am firmly in camp fluffy. How to make fluffy matzah balls for your soup? Roll them very gently in the palms of your hands, make sure to wet your hands with ice water in between rolls and don’t forget the schmaltz. Or you can watch this video to help make the perfect fluffy matzah balls to go with your chicken soup.

The Secret to Fluffy Matzah Balls


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