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Wow. Guess What Percent of Muslim “Refugees” in America Are Living on Food Stamps?

Men and women are sometimes forced to leave their native country in order to escape civil war and religious persecution. We call such individuals refugees, and we sometimes allow them into our country to help them start their lives over.

Here’s the problem: According to a new report issued by the Office of Refugee Resettlement, a whopping 75 percent of refugees who live in our country collect food stamps.

Furthermore, 20 percent collect Supplemental Security Income, 20 percent collect Temporary Assistance for Needy Families and 22 percent live in public housing.

But it gets worse. It turns out the biggest recipients of welfare among refugees happen to be Muslims! This means that compared to their African, Latin and Asian counterparts, Muslim refugees collect more food stamps, SSI, TANF and whatever else the government will hand out to them.

This bodes exceptionally unwell for our federal budget, especially given that the Obama administration plans to flood our country with tens of thousands more Muslim immigrants.


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