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Feinstein: Iranians Are ‘Sincere,’ Netanyahu Should ‘Contain Himself’

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) said she backs President Obama’s diplomacy with Iran as the best deal that’s going to get done; she believes the Iranians are “sincere” in wanting a deal; and she disagrees that the broad outlines of the deal threaten the survival of Israel.

Jim Acosta, hosting CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday, asked Feinstein if she thinks Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is “overstepping his bounds as a head of state” by lobbying against the framework agreement in favor of a better deal.

“Well, I think he’s said what he’s had to say,” Feinstein replied. “And to be candid with you, this can backfire on him. And I wish that he would contain himself, because he has put out no real alternative, in his speech to the Congress, no real alternative, since then, no real alternative.”

Netanyahu, preceding Feinstein on “State of the Union,” said his alternative “is standing firm, ratcheting up the pressure (through continued sanctions), until you get a better deal.”

But Feinstein said she believes that more sanctions would drive Iran’s nuclear program “underground” and make it more difficult to monitor.


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