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11 Sleeping Mistakes that Damage Your Health

Wake-Sleeping-MistakesMany people have sleeping problems because they have bad behaviors and habits in sleeping. For real sleeping success, here are the common mistakes to avoid and how you can solve them:

1. Artificial Lighting: If you are exposed to artificial light during bedtime, you will find it difficult to sleep. This is because your melatonin production is hindered. Melatonin is a hormone that is responsible for your feeling of sleepiness or drowsiness. Turn off the lights, use heavy curtains, or simply wear a sleep mask to cover your eyes.

2. Alcohol: Drinking alcohol will not help you sleep, even though it does make you feel drowsy. You will eventually find yourself waking up several times at night when you drink alcohol. The best solution is to of course stop drinking, especially if you are already having trouble going to sleep.

3. Caffeine: If you are a caffeine addict, it will definitely be hard for you to sleep at night, especially if you drink caffeinated drinks before you go to bed. A cup of coffee can stay in your body for at least six hours. For instance, drinking coffee at 4PM means that you still have caffeine at 10PM. Once again, melatonin production is prevented. Of course, the solution here is to stop drinking coffee before bedtime.

4. Daytime Napping: Napping during daytime is not bad, but too much of it can lead to a stressful night. Just go for a 20 minute nap (90 minutes if you have extra time). Having a longer nap will spell trouble for your nighttime sleep.

5. Exercise: If you think you will get tired after half an hour of exercise, think again. Exercising can actually boost your energy, which means you will not be able to sleep easily. Instead of exercising before going to bed, why not do it in the morning to get that extra boost of energy during the day?

6. Hot Room: If you are not comfortable in your room, you will not be able to fall asleep easily. High body temperature causes disruption to your sleep cycle. Even if you did fall asleep, you will soon find yourself awake due to a very warm room. Solve this by lowering your room’s temperature and just cover yourself with a blanket. Wear socks too if you feel like it.

7. Late Sleeping: Staying up late and making it a habit will definitely make it hard for you to sleep at night. Go to bed early, so you wake up early. Repeat the cycle and you will easily fall asleep when you get in bed.

8. Noise: Obviously, if your environment is noisy, you won’t be able to go to sleep. You can use earplugs if your neighbors are having a party.


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