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Eleven-year-old autistic boy draws perfect world map from MEMORY (and even includes borders and coastal islands)


  • Image went viral after it was posted by user Bobitis on Reddit 
  • The unnamed youth, from New York, knelt on a chair to reach whiteboard
  • The boy is the son of New York professor and drew map from memory

Think you’ve got a good memory? Think again.

Drawing a world map from scratch would already be considered a difficult feat, let alone taking on the near-impossible task of doing it from memory.

Yet, images have gone viral of a New Yorker accomplishing exactly that, and it just so happens that it’s an 11-year-old boy.

A professor in New York invited her 11-year-old autistic son to one of her classes, during which he got up on a chair and drew the world map from memory.

A student took the photos and her father posted them on the online community, Reddit, as user Bobitis.

Bobitis explained: ‘He is the son of one of my daughter’s professors. He came into the classroom today and did this.’

In the images, the youth is seen kneeling on a chair in order to reach the whiteboard, with his pen held to the extremely detailed map.

Not only is the map accurate, with some major countries labelled, but the high level of detail extends to the inclusion of political borders and even tiny coastal islands.

Reddit user Bobitis further commented: ‘I just was amazed …especially as a father of a child with similar attributes….that’s all…’

Autism is a complex disability, and while some individuals can have specific difficulties with memory, others can also have exceptional memory and visual skills.


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