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Israeli troops comb areas on Lebanon border

KFAR KILA, Lebanon: Israeli Army units combed an area along the border with Lebanon Wednesday morning, in an apparent inspection operation with unknown purposes.

Since the early morning, Israeli military vehicles spread along the eastern part of the border, starting from al-Abbad Israeli military base to the occupied Shebaa Farms.

Occupation forces combed the area on foot and inside their vehicles, while soldiers checked an electric fence and took photos of the Lebanese sides of the border in the Marjayoun district village of Kfar Kila.

Troops also spread in the nearby orchards on the Israeli side, in apparent search operation.

Later in the day, a number of Israeli soldiers fired their rifles towards a Lebanese shepherd in a field in the village of Kfar Shuba, near the Shebaa Farms. He was not hit.

The developments came one day after a group of young Israeli settler women attached to the cement blocks located on opposite side of Kfar Kila road, a large colorful banner with the words: “Dance for Peace.”


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