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SO MUCH FOR APPEASEMENT: Iranian Military Calls For EMP Attack On America, Killing 90% Of Population

Just as Obama is paving the way for Iran to create nuclear weapons, a secret Iranian military playbook, recently been translated by American defense experts, reveals a plan to attack America’s highly vulnerable electric grid with a nuclear EMP attack.

Reports indicate that if America’s power grid went down due to an EMP, 90% of the population would die within 18 months.

How prepared is Iran to make good on their plan?

An EMP attack is an assault on America’s power grid and electronics by detonating a nuclear bomb at high altitude. An EMP would completely fry all electronics, thrusting America back to the 18th century.

In order for Iran to carry out an EMP attack they would need a nuclear weapon, a missile capable of achieving the necessary altitude, anywhere from 25 to 250 miles above the Earth’s surface, and a platform to launch it.

Iran has at least 2 of these in place.

Navy Vice Admiral James Syring states that North Korea and Iran could achieve the ability to launch an intercontinental ballistic missile as early as this year.

But Iran doesn’t really need a such a long range missile. A successful EMP attack could be carried out with a cheap missile launched from a freighter in international waters. A missile could also be launched off of one of their satellites.

“We are ready for the decisive battle against the U.S. and the Zionist regime,” announced Iranian Armed Forces Chief of Staff General Hassan Firouzabadi in 2014.

For all we know, Iran already has a nuke.

This is not about fear mongering, it is about assessing hand properly handling threats.

So far, our government has done little to nothing to protect America from this threat that is quite easy to carry out.

Republicans in Congress have repeatedly tried to pass the SHIELD Act, by Rep. Trent Franks. According to a 2008 EMP Commission estimate, it would cost only around $2 billion to protect our national electric grid.

A solar flare could also cause the same effect as an outright attack. Terrorists with simple weapons could attack the dozen or so of our major stations simultanuously and it’s lights out America, yet our government leaves Americans sitting like ducks.

It’s also an issue on which WND has reported for a decade, as long ago as 2005 when intelligence sources were quoted, saying, “Iran is not only covertly developing nuclear weapons, it is already testing ballistic missiles specifically designed to destroy America’s technical infrastructure, effectively neutralizing the world’s lone superpower.”

At that time, scientists, including President Reagan’s top science adviser, William R. Graham, said there was no other explanation for such tests than preparation for the deployment of electromagnetic pulse weapons – even one of which could knock out America’s critical electrical and technological infrastructure, effectively sending the continental U.S. back to the 19th century with a recovery time of months or years.

At the time, Sen. John Kyl, R-Ariz., warned, “A terrorist organization might have trouble putting a nuclear warhead ‘on target’ with a Scud, but it would be much easier to simply launch and detonate in the atmosphere. No need for the risk and difficulty of trying to smuggle a nuclear weapon over the border or hit a particular city. Just launch a cheap missile from a freighter in international waters – al-Qaida is believed to own about 80 such vessels – and make sure to get it a few miles in the air.”

In the latest development, the P5+1 countries – Great Britain, France, the United States, Russia and China plus Germany – have sought restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program to prevent that country from turning a program that reportedly is for medical and power production into a bomb factory.

Peter Vincent Pry, who is executive director of a congressional advisory group called the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, raised the alarm as the agreement is about to be finalized.

He said U.S. military officials have confirmed such an Iranian plan.

“Iranian military documents describe such a scenario – including a recently translated Iranian military textbook that endorses nuclear EMP attack against the United States,” Pry wrote in a recent column in Israel’s main online media network, Aruz Sheva.

“Iran with a small number of nuclear missiles can by EMP attack threaten the existence of modernity and be the death knell of Western principles of international law, humanism and freedom,” he said.

“For the first time in history, a failed state like Iran could destroy the most successful societies on Earth and convert an evolving benign world order into world chaos.”

WND could not immediately independently confirm the military documents cited by Pry.

But WND reported in 2014 that there was developing considerable alarm among national security experts that Iran was intending to position its warships off the U.S. coast.

Those experts confirmed there would be no warning and that the U.S. missile defense system would not be able to respond in time to prevent the high altitude nuclear explosion that could be launched from one of those ships.

“It shows they could put a weapon on a boat or freighter, and if Iran has ballistic missiles it could put it anywhere on the U.S. coast,” John Bolton, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and a senior fellow at the Washington-based American Enterprise Institute, said at the time.

The Iranian Fars News Agency had announced that the fleet would undertake a three-month mission and would consist of a destroyer and a helicopter-carrying vessel.

This week’s revelation comes as Israel has just re-elected Benjamin Netanyahu as prime minister. He recently warned a joint session of Congress about reaching any nuclear agreement with Iran.

According to sources, the textbook refers to an EMP attack on some 20 locations in the United States.

Pry pointed out that Iran, in fact, would not need an intercontinental missile to launch a high-altitude EMP attack that could knock out the U.S. national grid system and the other life-sustaining critical infrastructures that depend on the grid to function.

He said Iran could deliver a nuclear attack from a ship just off the U.S. East Coast either by a missile or by launching into orbit around the Earth a satellite which, in effect, would be a nuclear device.

Critical infrastructures that depend on the already vulnerable U.S. national grid system include communications, water and food delivery systems, financial and banking systems, transportation, regulation of the nearly million miles of oil and natural gas pipelines that traverse the U.S. and the myriad of modern conveniences that function by automated control systems that often are located in remote areas of the country.

Pry said it would cost only about $2 billion to harden the grid from such an attack or a direct hit from solar flares – which could produce similar damage and is occurring now. He added that protection of the grid could include the installation of devices like geomagnetically induced current, or GICs, blockers.

Pry’s warning about the Iranian military textbook coincided with a threat from Gen. Hassan Firouzabad, the Iranian armed forces chief of staff.

“We are ready for the decisive battle against the U.S. and the Zionist regime,” Firouzabad recently told the Iranian Fars News Agency.

“Iran armed with nuclear missiles poses an unprecedented threat to global civilization,” Pry said.

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In 2012, when Iran was reporting the successful testing of a variety of missiles, including those that could strike targets 1,250 miles away, WND reported that the rogue nation also was working on an intercontinental ballistic missiles under the guise of it is space program.

One nuclear warhead detonated at high-altitude over the United States would black out the national electric grid and other life-sustaining critical infrastructures for months or years by means of an electromagnetic pulse, Pry said.


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