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CANCER BREAKTHROUGH: Israeli Nobel Prize winner leads team to discovery

afp-deadb6c6cdf85bcdb006d19f6d15bad3361a62d5Scientists will sequence the genetic codes of about 75,000 patients with cancer and rare diseases – Photo: Leon Neal/AFP/File

Technion’s research team in Haifa, Israel have discovered 2 specific proteins that can suppress cancer & control the cells’ development & growth.

A new study by Israeli researchers at the Israel Institute of Technology’s cancer research center could prove to be “most significant” in controlling the growth of cancer cells, Israeli media reported on Sunday.

A team of Israeli researchers at the Technion’s Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, headed by Prof. Aaron Ciechanover, an Israeli Nobel Prize winner in chemistry, and led by Dr. Yelena Kravtsova-Ivantsiv, has discovered two proteins that can suppress cancer and control the cells’ growth and development.

The team included research students and physicians from the Rambam, Carmel and Hadassah Medical Centers.

In a paper published last week in the journal CELL, the researchers showed how the proteins, which were unknown until now, could repress cancerous tissues and explained how a high concentration of a protein called KPC1 and another called p50 in the tissue can protect it from cancerous tumors.

The research also detailed how the ubiquitin process — a cell system responsible for breaking down damaged proteins that can harm cells and tissues and co-discovered by Ciechanover, for which he won the Nobel — has a role in the mechanism.


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