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Obama Asks Netanyahu to Come Up With Better Iran Deal, Netanyahu Responds

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is not one to mince words. He understands how grave a threat Iran – and America’s proposed deal with the state-sponsored terrorist nation – is to the Jewish homeland.

Unlike our fearless leader, Netanyahu is willing to do whatever is necessary to ensure that Israel remains safe.

Here’s Netanyahu detailing ways to improve upon the proposed framework regarding Iran’s nuclear weapon…

From The Blaze:
In an on-camera statement delivered in English Sunday, Netanyahu said a better deal would shut down once-illicit nuclear facilities and link the lifting of sanctions to Iran halting its support of terrorism.

“So let me reiterate again the two main components of the alternative to this bad deal,” Netanyahu said, using the same language – “alternative” – as Obama did Saturday.

“First, instead of allowing Iran to preserve and develop its nuclear capabilities, a better deal would significantly roll back these capabilities, for example, by shutting down the illicit underground facilities that Iran concealed for years from the international community,” Netanyahu said from his office in Jerusalem. “Second, instead of lifting the restrictions on Iran’s nuclear facilities and program at a fixed date, a better deal would link the lifting of these restrictions to an end of Iran’s aggression in the region, its worldwide terrorism and its threats to annihilate Israel.”

We know that liberals are enthusiastic with Obama’s attempts at appeasing the Ayatollahs, but they will never comprehend that it doesn’t make sense to kowtow to world enemies while pushing away old friends.

“Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer” is one thing, but is it truly possibly that Obama is capable of abiding by that analogy? It has never appeared that way.

Maybe 20 years down the road we will say that Obama did the right thing, but seeing as how Iran will have a nuke in 13 years, we’re not likely to be around to have a debate.

Obama criticized Netanyahu for not offering an alternative, while constantly voicing his opinion on the deal…


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