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BREAKING: New State Launches Legislation to Ban Shariah Law… And You’ll Love Who It Is

America’s government operates based on the rights enshrined in the U.S. Constitution and its state equivalents, but some malevolent souls among us secretly aspire to change this.

Unfortunately for them, states like Texas, which lies on the verge of passing a bill dubbed “American Laws for American Courts,” stand in their way.

This bill, HB 562, specifically states that the constitutional laws of the United States and Texas supersede any and all foreign laws, including Islamic Shariah law.

It seems simple and fair enough, right? Yet the Muslim community in Texas vehemently opposes this law on the basis that it targets their faith.

“This bill does not mention, at all, Muslims, Shariah law, Islam, even religion,” Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne tried to point out during a local city council meeting.

The bill simply prohibits “the application of any ‘foreign laws’ should they infringe upon federal or state law.” This means, as an example, that Muslims could still hold Islamic Tribunals that deliver “non-binding dispute resolutions,” so long as the attorneys involved hold legitimate ties to the State Bar of Texas.

But this is not good enough for Texas Muslims and their progressive sycophants, who allege that the passing of such a simple law would amount to sanctioned Islamophobia.

“If you are pro-U.S. Constitution, you must be anti-Muslim?” Mayor Duyne asked in rebuttal to these charges. “It’s shocking and not true. All of us who live in this country should embrace our Constitution and our way of life.”

This holds true especially given that the our Constitution “affirms justice for all,” as one council meeting attendee astutely noted (H/T Breitbart).


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