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Men who post many selfies may have psychopathic tendencies

Friends who share tons of “selfies” can be annoying. Now new research shows that a more serious personality deviation could be the reason.

A new study from Ohio State University shows that men spewing “selfies” on social media can have mild psychopathic tendencies.

In the survey, 800 men aged 18-40 years were questions about their habits and photo publishing selfies online. The keenest selfies-beneficiaries proved to also have clear anti-social traits.

– It is not surprising that men that puts out many selfies and spend more time to edit the pictures are narcissistic, but this is the first time this has been confirmed in a study, said lead researcher Jesse Fox at the Ohio State University in a statement.

Men who posts many pictures of themselves online scored higher on tests that measure narcissism and psychopathy. Those who also edit images before they post them, scored even higher anti-social and narcissistic traits.

– It is not said that these results mean that all men who posts many selfies automatically are psychopaths or narcissists, emphasizes Fox.

She emphasizes that the level of behavior still was within what is considered normal.

The men attending the study were asked how often they posted pictures, whether they edited these first either by applying filters or by cropping images. They also conducted a survey on anti-social behavior and self-objectification.


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