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“Bumbling amateurs” run WESTERN COUNTRIES today

1991 Like 1919: Breakup of Soviet Union Laid Seeds for New Global War, Just like the Breakup of Germany and Austria Did in 1919

Right after returning home from the meetings with the G20 leaders in Brisbane, Australia, Russian president Vladimir Putin fired off a warning to Washington and its western puppets

The United States wants to subdue Moscow, but will never succeed, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday (Nov 18).

“They do not want to humiliate us, they want to subdue us, solve their problems at our expense,” Putin said at the end of a four-hour meeting with his core support group, the People’s Front.

“No one in history ever managed to achieve this with Russia, and no one ever will,” he said, triggering a wave of applause (for more, click here).

The same day, NATO’s Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, stoked the fires of war. He accused the Russian leadership of “destabilizing” Ukraine and breaking a two-month-old truce by continuing to support separatist forces fighting in the country’s southeast.

And in Washington, U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel struck an even harsher tone — labeling Russia’s alleged incursions into Ukraine as “dangerous and irresponsible.”

“The violations of sovereignty and international law that the Russians have perpetuated continue to require responses,” said Hagel, adding that the U.S. has begun working with NATO “in shifting our entire rotational rapid deployment focus.”

Meanwhile, the US puppet Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko, threatened “total war” in a statement made on Nov 13, in advance of the G20 summit in Brisbane.

“Such statements make no sense, they are irresponsible and they are political bluffing that would never be used by an accountable and independent political leader,” said the chairwoman of Russia’s upper house of parliament, senator Valentina Matviyenko.

Seeds of War: Like Poland, Like Ukraine…

Guess neither Washington nor its European puppets have learned anything from the similar tough talk that Hitler and Chamberlain had engaged in 75 years ago. They are trying to move the NATO boundaries farther east, deeper into Russia’s sphere on interest. Which is the equivalent of poking the bear in the eye. Not very smart.

Similarities between 1939 and 2014 are unmistakable. Look at the map of Europe and the size of Germany 100 years ago – before WW I. You can see that there was no country called Ukraine. There was no country called Poland.

Ukraine was a part of the Russian empire. Three empires – German, Austrian and Russian – each owned and controlled the land we call Poland today (left map).

After WW I, the victorious western allies broke up Germany and Austria into pieces in, what is known, as the Treaty of Versailles. They minted a whole bunch of new countries.  One of those countries was Poland (right map above).

But not Ukraine. No one ever questioned that Ukraine was a part of Russia. Not at Versailles in 1919, nor any time after that. Until 1991, that is. That’s when Washington seized an opportunity to break up the Soviet Union and mint a whole bunch of new countries on its fringes. Just like the western allies did at Versailles in 1919.

Bad mistake. Both times.

1919 and 1991 Mistakes

The new borders meant new grievances and new aspirations of the newly minted countries.  Just as with ordinary people, the more fences, the more grievances between neighbors. And not just neighbors, as both Poland and Ukraine showed.

Which means that the “victors” of both WW I and the Cold War had laid the seeds for yet another war. In 1939, pushed by Britain and France to refuse Germany’s request for a corridor between its two unnaturally split northern territories, Poland became the first battleground of WW II.

Within weeks, Poland was once again extinguished as a country. Germany occupied the western part, the Soviet Union took the eastern (see the map-right).

More troubling, the German and the Russian “empires” were bordering each other. And once again, the British and the French were meddling and hoping to set them against each other.

We all know what followed: The most devastating war in the history of this planet. Over 60 million people died in it. How many more will die over Ukraine?

“Those who do not learn the lessons from history are DOOMED repeat them”

Which is why it was inexcusable for anyone professing a zeal for peace to make the same mistake in 1991. Unlike the heads of state who concocted the Treaty of Versailles, the victors of the Cold War had a precedent, expensive lessons of history from which to learn. Yet they paid no heed to them. And thus laid the seeds for a new era of global confrontation.

Over the last quarter century, Washington has pushed the NATO boundaries farther and farther to the east, closer and closer to Russia. Until now the Russian and the western “empires” once again share a common border. Just like in 1939. Only this time, it is across Ukraine (see the map above left).

So the current western leaders have learned nothing from history. Like Napoleon and Hitler before them, they are trying to subdue Russia. It won’t work. That is why it was important for the Russian president to remind them of it.

No one in history ever managed to achieve this with Russia, and no one ever will,” [Putin, 11-18-14]

Of course, our leaders could have also learned something from a Chinese military leader, strategist and philosopher who lived over 2,500 years ago. Here’s what Sun Tzu said about the art of war.

The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Compared to Tzu, Napoleon, Hitler, and now the recent US presidents and their advisors, have shown themselves to be mere bumbling amateurs.

The more things change, the more they stay the same (Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr, French journalist and novelist, 1808-1890)

Now the question is, how many more tens of millions of human lives will this failure of the West to learn from history cost?


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