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Wow. American Voters Just Sent a HUGE Message to Muslims… And They Won’t Like It One Bit

Not that we really needed official polls to conclude that most Americans don’t think President Barack Obama is doing enough in the war against radical Islam, but that’s exactly what recent Rasmussen polls suggest along with a number of other startling revelations.

In the highest percentage since radical Islamic terrorists took down the World Trade Center, 39 percent of respondents said they believe that the United States is losing to Islamic terrorists. That number is up 6 points from March alone.

Perhaps most telling is that 86 percent of Americans, according to the poll, believe that radical Islamists like those who make up the ranks of the Islamic State group are a threat to America.

Roughly half of the United States thinks Muslims believe we’re their enemy and a staggering 75 percent think that so-called “moderate” Muslim faith leaders need to do more to stress the peaceful aspects of their religion.

With a vast majority of terrorist attacks worldwide stemming from Islam, the “religion of peace,” many have argued that the lack of condemnation from Muslim religious leaders tells a frightening story that “moderate” Muslims may not even exist. Just over half of Americans believe that Islam is more prone to violence than any other religion on earth.

Americans under President George W. Bush were actually confident that we had a chance at eventually winning what used to be called the War on Terror — just before Obama’s inauguration in 2009, 62 percent of Americans felt that way. But certainly not anymore.

Respondents to the poll also said, to the tune of 52 percent, that Islamic relations with the United States are worse today than in 2010 and that number is up 8 points from August.


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