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BOOM: Netanyahu Hits Jimmy Carter Where It Hurts, Humiliates Him Before the Entire World

Jimmy Carter, the man from Plains, has plainly become an apologist for Palestinian terrorism in his declining years.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has had more than his fill of the former president, and he’s giving Carter the cold shoulder when the erstwhile peanut farmer visits the region in the coming days.

A senior Israeli official, speaking to Israeli television, called Carter’s visit to Gaza “a disaster for Israel” and said that under no circumstances should Israeli politicians meet with Carter because of his “anti-Israel positions.”

This comes after Carter gave some measure of public support to Hamas during Israel’s war with the terrorist group last year.

Carter said that there was “no justification in the world for what Israel is doing” and Netanyahu was blocking steps toward a two-state solution.

Carter has also suggested that the International Criminal Court should investigate both Hamas and Israel — in spite of the fact that Israel wasn’t a signatory to the ICC specifically because of its anti-Israel bias — implying an equivalency between the two.

It was on that point that Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz slammed the former president, saying that equating Israel to Hamas “is so obnoxious and so hypocritical and so typical of Jimmy Carter.”

“(Carter) has made himself irrelevant and tossed himself into the trash pan of history … never met a terrorist he didn’t like,” Dershowitz added. “He loved Yasser Arafat and hated every Israeli leader he ever met.” (H/T Newsmax)

Carter’s fall from grace in elected office was swift. He was voted in as president on an Obama-like wave of enthusiasm in 1976 and voted out in a landslide in 1980 after America realized his utter impotence in foreign affairs and economic policy.

He’s spent the intervening years as a spokesman for “peace in the Middle East.” The quotation marks are there because it’s become clear Carter has less interest in peace and more interest in spreading his mephitic views on Israel, which can best be explained as crypto-antisemitic rubbish.

But don’t take my word for it — take Carter’s.


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