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MAJOR NEWS OUT OF ISRAEL: New report claims IAF airstrikes targeted Hezbollah weapons in Syria on Wednesday

Israeli fighter jets allegedly hit Syrian and Hezbollah targets on the Syria-Lebanon border Friday overnight, Al Jazeera reported Saturday.


According to sources quoted by Al Jazeera, the attack in al-Qalamoun targeted the 155th and 65th Brigades of the Syrian army, which deal with strategic weapons and long-range missiles.

The sources reported several explosions in the Syrian towns of Al-Qutayfah, Yabroud and Qarah on the outskirts of Damascus.

Al Arabiya reported the attack targeted Syrian weapons depots, and that on Wednesday Israel allegedly attack two weapons convoys, reportedly killing one person.

Sources confirmed to Lebanese news site Elnashra that Israel attacked Syrian posts near Qarah. Elnashra is a site known for its pro-Assad and pro-Hezbollah coverage.

The IDF declined to respond to the reports. Syrian regime-affiliated media and Hezbollah-affiliated media have yet to report the alleged attack.

According to foreign sources, Israeli air force have allegedly carried out several raids against targets in Syria, including depots

storing weapons meant for Hezbollah, since the conflict there started over four years ago.

Though Israel had maintained a policy of neutrality regarding the Syrian war…..


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