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Muslim Pedophile’s Lawyer: Being Raped by Muslims is Racist

Being raped by Muslims is Islamophobic. Now one victim accused of racism for bringing charges against her rapists is speaking out.

Since the age of 13, when a man called Mohammed Karrar had stopped to talk to me in Oxford, I had been living through the kind of nightmare no child could hope to come through unscathed.,,

Men who exploit children have a way of sniffing out the most vulnerable, and I was an easy victim. For months, Mohammed posed as a caring friend. One night, he finally persuaded me to try crack cocaine.

Then he had me. To pay him back for the drugs, he said I would have to have sex with men he invited to his grubby crack den. He slapped me around, threatening to kill my mum and Snowy, my dog. So I did as I was told. Whenever Mohammed called or texted, I tried to engineer rows with Mum so I could storm out. In my 13-year-old mind, I had no choice: if I didn’t go, he would come for me.

Mohammed was selling me for £250 to paedophiles from all over the country. They came in, sat down and started touching me.

If I recoiled, Mohammed would feed me more crack…

In Oxford, many of my abusers were of Asian origin; these men were Mediterranean, black or Arab…

He drove me around the country, the first time to a house in the North-West.

About 20 mostly Asian, Arab and black men were having a barbecue. I was told to sit next to three underage girls but not speak to them. They, too, were in short skirts and plastered in make-up. We were there to be sold…

When the police finally became involved, Mohammed had the usual Mohammedan defense. It’s the fault of the woman.

Mohammed’s defense was laughable: he claimed I’d forced him to take drugs and have sex with me.

What could he do? He was just one Muslim man. He had no choice but to rape her, sell her and feed her crack cocaine. He’s the victim here. Sadly an Islamophobic justice system failed to see it that way.

His barrister, a woman, implied I was a racist because all the defendants were Muslim.

Obviously. Why didn’t the 13-year-old girl choose to be raped by non-Muslim men?

Of the men in the dock, my evidence directly related to five. One was convicted of two counts of sexual activity with a child (not me). The others were found guilty of rape, child prostitution and other serious charges.


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