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This American Biker Fighting Terrorists In Iraq Is So Feared That ISIS Put A Bounty On His Head

“I’m here for all of those who want to live a peaceful life that has been deprived to them by ISIS.”

He’s a Colorado native, a tough-as-nails biker formerly involved with a “one percenter” motorcycle club, according to a profile of the volunteer terror fighter that appeared in The Daily Beast. Now “Mickey” — not his real name but the way he is referred to in the article — is on the front lines assisting Kurdish forces, in the thick of battle, engaged in deadly combat against ISIS in war-ravaged Iraq.

Because Mickey is so fierce and so fearless as the bullets fly and the bombs explode, ISIS is reportedly offering a reward to anyone who can take him out of the fight. Not only is he a capable warrior; he also cuts an imposing figure on the battlefield — long blond hair, goatee, tattooed, permanent sunburn, often seen puffing on a cigar when he’s not taking aim at the enemy.

And how did Mickey — who has adopted the ominous war-fighting name “Necromancer” — come to be among the Kurdish Peshmerga fighting to drive Islamic State terrorists from their homeland? As The Daily Beast profile tells us, Mickey was once a member of the French Foreign Legion who hints at a criminal past in the United States. He’s a man on a mission who paid his own way to a war he saw as an epic struggle for justice.

Mickey said he found himself drawn to the current fight against ISIS by the injustice he saw occurring. “I’m here for the people, nobody else. I’m here for all of those who want to live a peaceful life that has been deprived to them by ISIS. I don’t care about politics or religion. That’s not what I’m here for,” he said.

Mickey, or Necromancer, is one of an unknown number of American volunteers who have given up their lives stateside and traveled thousands of miles to Iraq to join the Peshmerga. In a recent article on these “possibly scores” of Americans who have taken up arms against ISIS, The Guardian spoke with a man who called himself “Grim.” His explanation of why he chose this dangerous life seemed to capture the feelings of a number of the volunteer soldiers.


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