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Open Letter to Roger Waters

Robbie Williams
Dear Roger,

I wonder if you realize how transparent you truly are. You claim to be concerned about human rights when in truth your agenda revolves more around the fact that you clearly despise the concept of a Jewish government. It is obvious to anyone listening that the only time you use your voice is to either rake in the cash on music written 30 plus years ago or to try to destroy the State of Israel.

It’s very sad really. You could have used your fame and fortune for so much good. Instead you’ve chosen the path of destruction against a country with the best human rights record in the Middle East. The facts show how disingenuous you are in your persistent attack. As much as I believe Israel does the right thing, if your voice was proportionately loud in regard to true humans rights violations I’d pay less attention to you. How come I don’t hear you going after ISIS? Why do you remain silent about 200,000 dead in Syria’s civil war? We all see how you are trying to bully Robbie Williams into not playing in Israel by speaking of the 500 children who were victims of the war in Gaza. I saw an estimate that said at least 7,000 children have been killed in Syria. Is that not worth your time Roger? Even if the death of those 500 children are solely the responsibility of the government of Israel, something honest people know not to be the case, I still wonder why 500 children matter so much more to you than 7,000. Maybe because it is not really about the children.

What about the thousands of women being raped and abused by ISIS? You are so quiet about that as well. If you are such a humanitarian wouldn’t you be spending most of your waking hours fighting for causes that involved tens, even hundreds of thousands of victims. Victims of regimes and organizations making no bones about their intent to rape and murder their victims.

I noticed you played a few concerts in Russia. Do you have anything to say about the treatment of gays and lesbians in Putin’s Russia? Of course you don’t, because Russia isn’t the problem in your eyes, Israel is.

People like you are partially responsible for the change in discussion from those claiming to be Liberals. They look at someone like you, a famous musician, and feel that you have a true understanding of moral and tolerant values. In truth what you really are is a high-profile anti-Semitic con-artist. You clearly hate Jews and subsequently hate the idea of a Jewish government. Your continuous onslaught makes it very clear that you will be happy with nothing less than the destruction of the State of Israel, and in your perfect world based on how you have behaved over the years, I assume you are more than happy to see it come along with as many dead Jews as possible.

Be aware that the only people who accept your crap are those who want to believe anything that hurts the Jewish people. For a man whose music was once perceived as being so thoughtful and clever, your actions and words against Israel are remarkably ignorant and very obvious. I would say that what you are really doing is making a fool of yourself, but unfortunately there are enough Jew-hating idiots out there for you to have quite a following.

You could have represented a modern-day growth and development of culture in society, but instead your hatred for the Jewish people has driven you towards a narrow and destructive way of thinking. I have no problem saying that I would be very happy to see you so consumed by your hate that it ultimately destroys you. It would appear to some extent that it already has. You are just too blind to see it.


David Groen


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