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Miracle in Nepal: a baby was rescued alive after 22 hours under the rubble

A 4 month old baby was rescued alive from the rubble in Katmandu after being under it for 22 hours. In the rare pictures, that documented the first moments after the rescue, the baby is seen covered in dust, but alive and well.

After a 28 year old was rescued yesterday in Nepal, after being under the rubble for more than 80 hours, rare pictures are being released today, showing a 4 month old baby, who was rescued 22 hours after the earthquake, from a building that collapsed. According to CNN, the baby’s name is Sunit Awal.

In the pictures, which were published in Nepalese newspapers, the baby is seen a few seconds after the rescue, with thick dust covering her face and body. She was immediately taken by rescue teams to get medical treatment.


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