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President Obama Declares Police To Be Racist And A National “Crisis”

Yet again the Great Divider goes before the national media and points a thin finger at law enforcement across the country and declares them to be the cause of so much unrest within poverty-stricken minority communities. Mr. Obama does so at a time when America needs leadership that unifies, but he has never shown himself capable or willing of such leadership.

So even in Baltimore, a city that has long been a liberal bastion run by minorities including a minority-dominated police department, Barack Obama throws the gasoline of racism onto the fire of discontent. The facts mean nothing – only the intended outcome which it seems is to further divide the country against itself, and at the same time demand the federal government be given greater powers under the guise of making things right.
Yesterday the president said America has “some soul-searching to do”, a comment motivated by the unrest in Baltimore following the death of 25-year old Freddie Gray after he was arrested and taken into custody by Baltimore PD.

Yes, perhaps we do. The soul-searching though does not reside in the handful of examples Barack Obama is using as justification for implying American law enforcement is racist. In fact, time and time again, those examples were found to be absent racism, and yet despite that fact, the president and his far left cohorts like Al Sharpton and others continue to push the racism meme.

Did you know deaths of whites by law enforcement in America is nearly DOUBLE that of blacks? And that those figures have gone DOWN dramatically over the last thirty years? In 2012 approximately 140 blacks were killed by police. (while nearly 400 whites were killed by police) Remember – these killings represent law enforcement working to keep communities SAFE from criminals who would do innocents harm.

By comparison, over this same time period nearly 6000 black deaths were caused by black-on-black violence. SIX THOUSAND. Where is the president and others who now push the concept of police racism to be found in light of this epidemic of black on black tragedy? Those six thousand deaths per year represent communities across America being torn apart by poverty and resulting loss of hope that are the direct byproduct of failed Big Government policies.

Since the massive Big Government expansion of Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society, nearly 350,000 blacks have been killed by other blacks in America, most of these deaths occurring in urban areas dominated by liberal government policies where handouts replaced jobs, and dependence took away from personal freedom and responsibility.

In his recent remarks regarding Baltimore, Barack Obama indicated the country’s unwillingness to give enough attention to poverty in America. NOT TRUE. At issue is that so much of this poverty the president pretends to care about has been caused by the failed policies of his own ideology. Jobs left urban areas as a result of too much government regulation, taxes, bureaucracy, etc. Layer upon layer of government has been added, which in turn limits free market opportunity throughout the country and those jobs that were once the Middle Class backbone of so many communities and offered everyone, including minorities opportunities to improve their lives, were pushed out.

Barack Obama claims the solution is to spend yet more money, make more government programs. He uses terms like “early education” and “college accessibility”, yet what good is an education if there is no job to apply that education to? Therein lies the great fault of the liberal mindset. Spend billions of dollars on programs that are already irrelevant and then repeat the process all over again. The president derided the loss of a CVC in the Baltimore neighborhood. WHY? Because the CVC represented a private business that was doing more good in that community than all the pathetic and wasteful government programs combined? That one single business represents the hope of any community. It offers economic stability, jobs, provides a service to friends and neighbors, and yet it was the destruction of that CVC Barack Obama appeared to demeans as being of secondary importance to his own desire to charge the Baltimore police with racism. (and remember, the Baltimore PD is overwhelmingly served by minority officers.)

Imagine reader, the potential greatness of America if government was reduced in size and scope so that people could more easily start a business, hire others, grow, expand, innovate, hire more people, provide wages that help to sustain families…within a decade the United States would be a nation transformed. Downtrodden communities like Baltimore cannot afford a CVC to be looted and destroyed – it needs a multitude of CVC-like businesses to come to those communities and in turn provide the jobs and tax dollars that will only serve to strengthen that community.

Barack Obama appears completely devoid of this most basic of economic understanding. Perhaps that is why millions fewer are seeking to find work in the Obama economy than before he was president. Why more factories are closing down. Why more city’s face insolvency. Why more doctors are leaving the profession. Why educations costs are skyrocketing, home ownership is plummeting, and prison populations are bursting.

Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, Oakland, Washington D.C., Camden, Cincinnati…the list of once-great American cities in peril continues to grow. In each case these cities have been destroyed by decades of failed Big Government/far left policies – the very same policies Barack Obama has attempted to bring to the entirety of the United States.


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