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Son of Baltimore Mother Who Slapped Him During Riots Speaks Out

By now you’ve probably seen the video of a concerned Baltimore mom doing her duty and slapping some sense into her 16-year-old son who was participating in the riots that have been tearing the city apart.

Well, the young man, Michael Singleton, has broken his silence and decided to speak out about the incident, and what he has to say about what his mother did might just surprise you.

From TheBlaze:

“I understand how much my mama really cares about me,” Michael Singleton told ABC News. “I just got to try to do better.”

Singleton recounted the moment he saw his mother, Toya Graham, catch him on the Baltimore streets.

“I’m like, ‘Oh man. What is my mama doing down here?’” he said.

Singleton said that all his friends saw him get slapped around.

“They was around,” he told ABC News. “Everybody knew my mama. All my friends knew my mama.”

“To see him down there, doing what he was doing, that’s — we are not doing that,” she told ABC News. “I’m not angry at him anymore. As long as I have a breath in my body, you will not be on the streets selling drugs — you’re just not going to live like that. Not with me.”

Graham then went on to say what really set her off was when she saw her son with a rock in his hand.

“I did. You know, once he threw that rock down I said, ‘You weren’t brought up like this,’ ” Graham told CNN.

Obviously, this young man had lost his way, but thanks to the love of his mother, it looks like he might be set back on the straight and narrow again.

With all of the rioting, looting, and explosive violence happening in Baltimore, the city could use a few more engaged parents to help quell the chaos by intervening in their children’s lives.


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