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Islamic State fighters spotted near Golan Heights

The Islamic State has released a lengthy e-book, Black Flags from Palestine, detailing how it plans to conquer Israel. I discuss it at length in my forthcoming book, The Complete Infidel’s Guide to ISIS. Suffice it to say now that this Islamic State presence near the Golan Heights is a portent of a great deal more, unless the Islamic State is defeated.

“Jihadists at the border: Operatives loyal to ISIS seen near the Golan Heights,” Jerusalem Post, April 30, 2015:

After foreign sources reported on Wednesday that the IDF began to increase its forces in the Golan Heights near the Syrian border, fears were rising on Thursday that Islamic State-linked fighters are nearing the area.

According to the reports, the reinforcements include Merkava tanks and armored personnel carriers. The defense establishment is following reports that one of the anti-Assad rebel groups has sworn allegiance to Islamic State and the same group is behind the “spillover” of mortar fire from the Syrian Golan into Israel in recent days.

The organization in question is Saraya al-Jihad (Jihad Brigades), who not only swore allegiance to Islamic State, but also succeeded in conquering the village of Qahtaniya near the border.

According to reports from Syria, the Sunni jihadist group has succeeded in establishing a base close to the border, just three kilometers from Kibbutz Ein Zivan in the Israeli Golan Heights. The possibility that light weapons fire that hit Israel on Wednesday came from the group’s fighters is being investigated.


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