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Islam’s Quest to Redesign Australian Flags

Muslims love their flags and lately they have been taking time out to redesign ours!

Let’s see what their creative juices have spawned.

The New Aboriginal Flag
The new Aboriginal Flag is my personal favourite; it is a creation of the Muslims for Reclaiming Australia for Aboriginal People Facebook page. For a full description of the symbolism on the flag please go here.

They say that a flag design should be so simple that even a child can draw it from memory; well I’m not sure many adults could remember such an intricate (and slightly alien) design let alone a ten year old. There is way too much calligraphy and too many dots.

Included on this flag is the Shahada and according to the flag’s creator: “the famous double-bladed sword of Imām ‘Ali“ .

This flag has truly outdone my expectations of an Islamised Aboriginal flag. I really thought someone would just dump the crescent moon and star inside the yellow circle.

The New Australian Flag

Hailed by the creators as flag that no one wants to burn! Well I’ve got news for them, I think a lot more people will be burning this little monstrosority . For a full description of the origins of this flag, please go here
Despite the crescent moon and star dominating the Aboriginal part of the flag, it is still missing something….the Islamic flavour is not strong enough. I know, what about the writing on the ISIS flag included somewhere – maybe on the black stripe!.


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