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Muslim Woman Doctor Advertises To Give Her Body In Return For Chopped Off Heads

A Yemeni pediatric female doctor from the University of San’a Yemen announced that she is ready to be taken as a bride and made her announcement public. Her request for dowry is something that is difficult to believe in the West, unless of course, one reads their Bible to understand that in the Middle East, there is some strange mentality. She requested the head of former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh or the head of his son, Ahmed Abdullah Saleh.
d1-copyPhoto of Dr. Sawsan Al-Baadani from her Facebook advertisement verified the news that was circulating several Middle Easter newspaper (see her Facebook here and here)

Dr. Sawsan Al-Baadani wrote on her profile page on Facebook:

“Required a bridegroom, one condition only, to be the head of Ali Abdullah Saleh or the head of his son, Ahmed Abdullah Saleh.”

Baadani even enclosed with the request a personal picture of her dressed as a doctor wearing a veil over her face, before she wrote: “I know that my dowry is more expensive than the head of the deposed, but the head of the deposed is a national demand”. By this, the doctor declares her support for Al-Hazm Storm against the Houthis.

For their part, several of Baadani’s supporters commended her demand and gave her positive comments and showed no disturbance to her position paying tribute to patriotism, declaring their willingness to participate in any way shape or form to defeat the rebels and the forces of Saleh.

Ahmad Bin Miflih comments to her saying: “Doctor, I consider what you are doing is Jihad no difference from the battle field. Be commended for all this meaningful Jihad and greetings to you, you are awesome.”


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