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Turn Old Bottles Into Lamps Using Rechargeable LED Corks

This next project is one of the most spectacular so far as its visual impact is most definitely guaranteed. The corks from wine bottles are well-known to be great craft supplies in different art projects, but this one find these corks a utility too. Once you opened the wine bottle, save the corks for later and create a cool lamp by reusing the wine bottle and attaching a LED light to the cork. Use a rechargeable LED light so you can use it for a longer period and once attached to the cork, place the light inside the clean wine bottle. Your new DIY lamp will have a very soft and pleasant light that will set a relaxing mood in your room. This is also a great idea for those who are opening a bar or restaurant and looking for decorations that will bring style and personality to the place. Make sure you watch the video tutorial too.


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