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VIDEO: These Baltimore Cops Have an Incredible Plan to Deal With the Mayor Who Let Her City Burn

It has been highly publicized that Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Baltimore’s leftist mayor, issued orders for Baltimore police officers to “stand down” as hundreds of teenagers assaulted them with rocks, bricks and bottles, injuring scores of cops in the process.

But her days as mayor may be limited, according to a 21-year veteran of the Baltimore police department who recently called into a Baltimore-based radio talk show and announced that there’s a growing movement among officers of the department to push the mayor out of office.

The officer, only referring to himself as Jeff, explained to the talk show host that there’s no doubt that officers could have ended the race rioters siege of the city in short order if they had been allowed to do their jobs.

“The moment it started, we could have ended it. Trust you me. They would not let us. It’s on the mayor’s shoulders now for the people who were injured, the buildings that were burnt, and the officers that were hurt. The city may never recover from what she let happen,” Jeff said.

And before anyone can pull the race card and accuse anyone of racism in their internal attempt to remove the mayor, Jeff reported that they have support from both genders and multiple ethnicities that make up the Baltimore police department.

“Our numbers are growing of officers. We have black, white, female, Hispanic and other officers who are joining this movement now to get her out of office,” he said.

He also explained that their boss, Commissioner Anthony Batts, wanted to let his officers do their job but was given orders to direct his officers to back off.

“Our commissioner was so upset Monday night. You could see it in his voice as he’s giving interviews. He wanted to let us do our jobs.”

He added, “You had no idea what it did to us as police officers to sit there.”

Jeff reported that several officers have quit the force since Monday’s violent takeover by riotous youths and that morale in the department is as low as he can ever remember (H/T The Daily Caller).


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