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WATCH: How a Passover Matzah Miracle Prevented Deadly Hamas Massacre

A truly miraculous story has been revealed about a massive tragedy that was averted due to religious Jews preparing wheat for Matzah in the Sabbatical year.

On the day a ceasefire had been brokered between Israel and Hamas – the last day of Operation Protective Edge – Hamas fired over 100 rockets into Israel. What we didn’t know at the time was that the rockets were a distraction. Hamas actually planned to use a terror tunnel in order to launch a devastating attack against the civilians of Israel.

If not for a group of religious Jews who were fulfilling the biblical commandment of guarding matzah for Passover in the Sabbatical year, the tragedy would have been severe. Instead, a miracle occurred. One of many, we should point out, that happened during the 2014 summer conflict with Hamas.


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