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EXCLUSIVE: Up to 60 girls per MONTH committing suicide following vile Islamic State abuse

UP TO sixty girls per month are taking their own lives in refugee camps following torture and sexual abuse by Islamic State fighters, it has been claimed.
Islamic-State-571713Many displaced women have been forced to leave their homes as Islamic State makes gains

The shocking assessment, from an aid worker based in Iraq, comes as conditions for minority communities in the war-torn region continue to deteriorate due to intensifying attacks from jihadists.

Islamic State fighters have waged a war of terror on anyone they consider to be ‘un-Islamic’, including the Yazidi community who follow an ancient religion.

The terror group have taken hundreds of women and children hostage before subjecting their victims to torture and sexual abuse.

Speaking to, an aid worker wishing to be identified only as ‘Yousif’, said he witnessed traumatised youngsters committing suicide at a rate of one or two a day.

He said: “Everyday between one or two commit suicide.

“There are different methods they use inside there, whether they hang themselves, cut themselves, different ways they do it.

Yousif, who is based in Canada, said the girls were driven to end their own lives because of “shame and honour”.

Many believe their families will reject them, especially the victims of the worst abuse, after they are released from Islamic State capture.

Yousif added: “They don’t have hope that their people will accept them, at the same time they don’t want their babies.”

The claim is backed up by a report released this week, which details the high levels of suicide in make-shift Yazidi refugee camps established in the Kurdish region of Iraq.

Last summer, as many as 5,000 Yazidi men were massacred in the Iraqi city of Sinjar by the Islamic State while hundreds of women were captured or sold into sexual slavery.

Campaign group Human Rights Watch says women and girls attempted suicide to avoid rape, forced marriage, or forced religious conversion at the hands of the Islamic State.

The report includes accounts of girls trying to electrocute themselves in bathtubs or consuming what they thought was poison.

The sexual abuse carried out by the Islamic State – also known as Isis – led to one nine-year-old child becoming pregnant.

Yousif, who came into contact with the girl, said she had been transferred to Germany to be treated by doctors who fear how her body will cope with pregnancy at such a young age.

He said: “She is very tiny. If she delivers naturally or by caesarean, she will die.

“Her life was in jeopardy, they worry more about her life than the baby she is carrying.”

He added: “Nobody knows after that what is going to happen.


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