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The Queen of Denmark: Islam must be countered

We have not taken the challenge from Islam seriously because we are tolerant and rather lazy, Queen Margrethe, says.

– These years we are challenged by Islam, both globally and locally, and we have to take the challenge seriously, says Queen Margrethe in a new book about the Queen, which journalist Annelise Bistruphave, in Jyllands-Posten, has written.

“There is something impressive about people who’s religion permeates life from morning to night, from cradle to grave. Also some Christians act this way”, Queen Margrethe says in the book.

“But it is a challenge we have to take seriously. We have certainly let it go on for too long. Because we are tolerant – and rather lazy. I really do not think it’s easy. And not very nice.”

“We must counter it, and one must occasionally take the risk of getting a less flattering label as a result. For there are certain things that one should not be tolerant of. When you are tolerant, you have to know whether it is a matter of convenience or conviction. “


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