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8 Surprising Sources of Protein

You don’t need a diet full of red meat and raw eggs to get enough of protein. You probably don’t even need a supplement. Indeed, there are plenty of healthy, vegetarian foods that are good sources of protein. Read on for some of the most surprisingly protein-packed foods.

1. Broccoli
Your mother always wanted you to eat your broccoli, and for good reason—for a vegetable, the stuff is PACKED with protein! Each serving contains nearly 4 grams, not to mention all of that healthy fiber and vitamin C.

2. Quinoa
Quinoa is one of the best vegan sources of natural protein on the planet—one serving contains a whopping 24 grams of protein, nearly as much as a serving of chicken breast!

3. Avocados
From toast to tacos, and everything in between, avocados are as versatile as they are nutritious. One avocado contains a whopping 14 grams of protein! Though some people shy away from the stuff because of its high fat content, don’t forget about the fact that you need fat, and, well, avocado is one of the healthiest sources of the stuff.

4. Spinach
Popeye was onto something; ultra-healthy spinach contains about 3 grams of protein per serving. In smoothies, in salads and pastas, on sandwiches and pizza—there’s just so much you can do with this leafy green, and so much protein to be had.

5. Peas
As a member of the lentil family, peas and their cousins are loaded with protein. One serving of peas has over 8 grams of protein—about as much as you’ll find in swiss cheese!


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