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Muslims Throw Dead Animal Heads on School Playground, the Reason Why is Even More Disturbing…

Radical Islamists have figured out that one of the best ways to control a society is to corrupt the children. Indoctrinating children has proved to be successful throughout history. The National Socialist ideology was a key goal of the NAZI Party. In March of last year, radical Muslims were caught trying to infiltrate schools in Birmingham England, and it wouldn’t surprise me if the same thing is happening in the U.S. The plot was referred to as “The Trojan Horse”. A letter was discovered and reported on by the BBC. In the letter Islamists claimed responsibility for installing a new principals at four schools in Birmingham, and highlighted 12 others in the city which would be easy targets due to large Muslim attendance and poor inspection reports. It encouraged parents to complain about the school’s leadership with false accusations of sex education, forced Christian prayer and mixed physical education, with the aim of obtaining a new leadership of Islamists.

An investigation found that a “sustained, co-ordinated agenda to impose segregationist attitudes and practices of a hard-line, politicized strain of Sunni Islam” in several Birmingham schools.

After the Muslims were exposed, the schools have done everything they can to crack down on radicalization in the class room this past year. Their efforts, however, have infuriated Muslims and they have not been afraid to show it, even in the sickest ways possible.

Speaking at the annual conference of the National Association of Head Teachers in Liverpool, school leaders said ‘fear and intimidation is still prevalent’ for teachers who have spoken out over the affair. Teachers are receiving death threats and fear for their lives. Schools are reporting dead animal heads thrown in the playgrounds to intimidate children and teachers alike. Dead dogs and dismembered cats have been found hanging from the school gates.

Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson, head of Anderton Park School in Birmingham, told the conference: ‘Trojan Horse has not gone away. Those of us who were involved, we knew it was the tip of the iceberg.


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