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Obama Responds to Slain NYPD Officer in Sickening Way

scw_6073ax-640x429POOL PHOTO – Remarks by President Barack Obama at the launch of My Brother’s Keeper Alliance held at Lehman College in the Bronx, New York on Monday May 4, 2015 – (POOL PHOTO by Susan Watts)

On Monday, Officer Brian Moore of the NYPD succumbed to his injuries after being shot in the face by a young black man who had a bone to pick with police after the Baltimore riots continued to escalate.

Later in the day on Monday, President Obama was speaking at a My Brother’s Keeper event, and instead of taking the time to pay tribute to Moore and other police officers who risk their lives to protect us every day, Obama chose to slam them.

In his speech, Obama whined about the “racism” in American law enforcement that makes it impossible for black people to succeed. Ignoring the fact that he made it to the highest office in the land as a black man, Obama proceeded to blame U.S. police for all the problems in the black community.

According to Conservative Tribune, he started his speech by saying he has heard many stories of “young men being stopped and put on the ground for no reason.” Instead of blaming the looters for the violent Baltimore riots, Obama said the riots were escalating due to a “sense of unfairness and powerlessness” in the black community that they have thanks to U.S. police.

Obama made no mention of Moore, or the many other police officers who have lost their lives thanks to the chaos caused by these riots.


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