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Rare Oddities That’ll Show You How Frighteningly Little You Knew About Earth

Sure it may seem like the end of the world if you live in LA and you feel a raindrop hit your head. That may seem like a rare occurrence but just until you see some of these. The fact that these actually happen all over the world is incredibly amazing and scary at the same time!


84224795Never-ending Wave: Occurs twice a year in Brazil when the Atlantic ocean meets the mouth of the Amazon River. The resulting waves can travel 500 miles inland before slowing down.

rare-oddities-wildammo-72814-16Assembly Of Crabs: Off the coast of Australia on Christmas Island, the annual migration of nearly 120 million red crabs creates quite a sight as they make their way to the ocean.

rare-oddities-wildammo-72814-15Rainbow Trees: These Australian eucalyptus trees shed their bark to reveal vibrant colors.

rare-oddities-wildammo-72814-14Maelstroms: Conflicting tidal waves create these whirlpools that can suck in swimmers and boats.

rare-oddities-wildammo-72814-13Living Rocks: Not actually rocks, these sea creatures line the beaches of Chile and are completely immobile.

rare-oddities-wildammo-72814-12Lenticular Clouds: Probably mistaken for UFOs by Fox Mulder, these clouds occur when the moist air overflows a mountain.


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