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How To Grow A Pineapple From Another One- Easily

To grow a pineapple from an existing pineapple, here’s what you would need:

Any sized pineapple
Little bowl of water
Planting pots, and
Potting soil

Here are the instructions on how to easily grow a pineapple from an existing pineapple:

– Get a healthy pineapple with no soft spots.

– Cut off the top area or crown so that no fruity part is stuck to it and put it aside for a few days for drying.

– Pull the outer leaves out and leave the rest of them.

– Place the bottom half of crown half inch deep in small bowl of water so that it gets dipped but not leaves.

– Dry it in a sunny spot for 2 weeks and change water every second or third day.

– Crown should be ready to get planted after about 2 weeks- fill a pot with potting soil to plant crown.

– Water the plant from the top to keep the soil moist and keep it near a sunny window for at least 6 hours daily

– After a year, you can replant the pineapple in a bigger pot to let it mature and give fruit- in 2 more years.

– You can pick the pineapple if the fruit has a rich pineapple scent and enjoy it!

Some of the tips as well as fact about pineapple that most people don’t know about are:

– A pineapple is not a single fruit but a collection of hundreds of tiny fruits!

– You can pluck old leaves as they die to give light and air for sprouting new leaves.


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