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British Bank Holidays to be scrapped because of Muslim Outrage

The beloved bank holidays of days gone by are set to be scrapped under new local community integration proposals championed by centre leaning Tories. In a bid to improve community relationships, the government is to bow down to pressure by leading muslim groups to ban all bank holidays through the year, and to replace them with the dates of muslim holidays such as Eid al-fitr.

David Cameron announced the proposals under his ‘one-nation’ legislation press release. ‘For too long have muslims felt on the edge of British society. They have been marginalised because they don’t follow our traditions. Scrapping bank holidays and replacing them with those holidays of the Muslim faith will allow them to feel like Britain is a country they can be Muslim in, and in return Britain can become a little bit more Muslim too.

Muslim groups such as Sharia Banking Only and Muslims for Justice have long been campaigning for a scrapping of bank holidays. We spoke to the chairman of both of these groups, Ahmed Rahman, earlier today: “It’s only right that you should respect our culture to ban bank holidays. They are unnecessary and we just don’t like them, we didn’t even want them to be replaced by anything, but now Muslim holidays are on the table, we’re not going to let that go.’

The decision to ban bank holidays has not been taken lightly by the general public, with Barry Grimes, from Essex saying ‘This is our country, and if we want to shut down the banks for a day, then we should do it whenever we want, just like our ancestors did. They didn’t celebrate Ramadan, they had a monday off every now and then, and thats what we should be doing!’

If we give up our bank holidays now, what is next? Christmas? Easter?


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