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BREAKING: Obama’s FBI KNEW Citizens Were in Danger in Texas… But Look What They Did Next

President Barack Obama and the federal government should be thankful that the two terrorists who tried to shoot up a “Draw Muhammed” event in Garland, Texas, were stopped by local law enforcement. If things had gone badly, there would have been nobody to blame but the president.

Sources have revealed that the FBI knew, hours before the Garland attack occurred, that the event was likely to be hit by the two perpetrators who were under their watch.

So, what did the FBI do? Beef up security at the event? Trail the two men? Notify the organizers?

No. They did nothing.

Fox News Channel’s Shepherd Smith was one of the first to report on this shocking development.

“The FBI knew one of the gunmen in Sunday’s attack in Texas could be targeting the controversial Mohammad cartoon contest, anti-Islam conference,” Smith said. “And they knew it hours before the attack occurred. That comes straight from the FBI director who just moments ago held a closed-door meeting with reporters.

“The FBI put out a bulletin with suspect’s picture before the attack. He said it’s not clear if police in Garland, Texas knew about that bulletin,” he added.

And nobody tried to make it clear?

Minutes before the attack, gunman Elton Simpson tweeted that he and his co-terrorist pledged their allegiance to Islamic State group leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The Islamic State group would later take credit for the attack.

Meanwhile, Pamela Geller, the woman who organized the event, acknowledged that the FBI hadn’t contacted her with the information that Simpson and his cohort were heading to Garland (H/T Gateway Pundit).


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