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Israeli invention fights stunted growth in children

143133693657315368a_bA new dietary supplement has been shown to help children in the bottom 10th percentile for height and weight to grow taller and gain weight [Illustrative]  Photo credit: GettyImages

Meital Yasur Beit-Or
Clinical trials in new dietary supplement developed by Israeli scientists show children growing 1-2 centimeters more than control group • “No one will become a basketball player, but their growth rates did increase,” study director says.

A new dietary supplement developed at Schneider Children’s Medical Center in Israel has successfully helped children in the bottom 10th percentile for height and weight grow taller and gain weight. The supplement, named Up-Pro, will be available in stores in the near future.

Studies show that children who took the supplement grew 1-2 centimeters taller than the control group, who were given placebos. The children’s height to weight ratio was not affected, and the additive did not cause anyone to become overweight.

The participants in the trial were children in the bottom 10th percentile of height and weight for their age, who do not suffer from hormonal disorders associated with stunted growth.

“Until now we did not have a solution for these kids,” the head of the hospital’s Endocrinology and Diabetes Institute, Professor Moshe Phillips, said.

“We created the supplement after years of research, and it contains ingredients that we are already familiar with, such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals.

“No one suddenly became [basketball player] Aulcie Perry but their growth rates did increase,” Phillips said. The supplement is taken once a day before going to sleep.


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