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Monica Lewinsky is offered $1MILLION by Las Vegas sex museum for DNA-stained blue dress she wore during Clinton affair

  • Monica Lewinsky famously kept dress stained with Bill Clinton’s DNA
  • She has reportedly been offered $1million for the 90s item of clothing
  • Offer was made by the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Museum apparently wishes to include blue dress in exhibition ‘examining private relationships of people in power, gender dynamics [and] politics’
  • Lewinsky, who was 22 at time of scandal, is yet to respond to the offer

It is the item of clothing she is most closely associated with.

But now, Monica Lewinsky has reportedly been offered a whopping $1million for her ‘DNA-stained’ blue dress, which she wore during her liaisons with then-President Bill Clinton in the nineties.

The 41-year-old has been offered the enormous sum of money by the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas, which had previously tried to pay her a smaller $250,000 for the infamous GAP dress.

The museum, situated in Industrial Road, Las Vegas, apparently wishes to include the item in an exhibition ‘examining the private relationships of people in power, gender dynamics [and] politics’.
And if Lewinsky’s remarks last year are anything to go by, she could be tempted by the offer.

In an interview with Vanity Fair magazine last May, the ex-White House intern spoke of her desire to move beyond her affair with Clinton, saying: ‘It’s time to burn the beret and bury the blue dress.’

She added: ‘I, myself, deeply regret what happened between me and President Clinton.’

The Las Vegas Erotic Heritage Museum’s executive director, Victoria Hartmann, offered Lewinsky the increased sum of $1million for the dress via letter, according to the New York Daily News.

In the document, dated February 20, Hartmann wrote that the exhibit also comprises ‘items of an intimate nature’ belonging to Gennifer Flowers, who claimed to have had an affair with Clinton.

It ‘will serve to bring awareness to the complexities of sexual relationships and how they are perceived by Americans, especially when it involves those we put our trust in as leaders,’ she said.

Lewinsky, who is reportedly yet to respond to the museum’s offer, was 22 years old when she first began her affair with Clinton, who was married to Hillary Clinton and residing at the White House.

Their illicit rendezvous hit the headlines in 1998. Lewinsky claimed to have had sexual relations with Clinton nine times between 1995 and 1997 – something that Clinton initially swore to be false.

Lewinsky said her relationship with the 49-year-old president had involved oral sex but not sexual intercourse – and famously kept her blue dress, which she said was stained with Clinton’s DNA.

In late July, 1998, Lewinsky turned the uncleaned dress over to Kenneth Starr’s investigators after signing an immunity agreement. On August 3, a blood sample was taken from Clinton.

Fourteen days later, the FBI reported that Clinton was the source of the semen on the dress ‘to a reasonable degree of scientific certainty.’ Clinton later admitted in taped grand jury testimony that he had had an ‘improper physical relationship’ with Lewinsky, before confessing to the affair on TV.

Clinton was subsequently impeached by the House of Representatives, but acquitted by the Senate in December 1998. Both he and 2016 presidential candidate Hillary have since moved on.

However, in the aftermath of the scandal, Lewinsky struggled to find a job in communications due to her famous name. ‘I was never “quite right” for the position,’ she wrote in the Vanity Fair article.

She also revealed that her decade-long silence over the affair had come at a cost – as she had turned down offers amounting to $10million because she ‘didn’t feel like the right thing to do’.

And she claimed she was made a ‘scapegoat in order to protect [Clinton’s] powerful position’.

Flowers, 65, an actress and model, born in Oklahoma, shot to fame after revealing she had engaged in sexual relations with Clinton – something he admitted to under oath in January 1998.

However, the former president declared they had such relations on only one encounter.


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