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Sweden’s road to disaster

How a great country with many good people can be destroyed by civil war.

In the mid-80s, I worked as a captain in the international UN force in Lebanon. Then I was many times in this wonderful country, torn apart by so many civil wars, Anders Lugn says to the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.

How is it possible that such a wonderful country with so many good people could commit this collective suicide?

I could find six conditions that created the conditions for the Lebanese over time:

1. Weak common national values.

2. Weak national armed forces.

3. Weak national police force.

4. Extremely good access to arms.

5. Good access to drugs – alcohol to Christians, hashish to Muslims.

6. Sense of powerlessness in the population: “There is no point fighting for a better life … the State still takes whatever I scrape together”.

In Sweden, I slowly realize that these same unpleasant factors in an increasing extent also applies to us.

Let’s examine them objectively:

1. Weak national values
Anyone who has been in Norway on May 17th, the US on July 4th or in France July 14th know how a national holiday is celebrated and how national identity feels right into the bone. In Sweden, we have a National Day on June 6, but we do not really know if it’s because Gustav Vasa was elected king that day in 1523, or whether it is the adoption of the 1809 constitution.

2. Weak national armed forces
Already when I was in the army in a real war in 1985 the armed forces was in a decadence. For protection, we had machine guns that were constructed in 1945. When we were doing something dangerous we had to call the Finnish battalion to get a ride in their tanks as aptly named Sisu.

Since then, it has only been more pitiful.

The Swedish defense shuts down while Russia is restoring, both militarily and economically.

Fredrik Reinfeldt’s (former PM) ambition was perhaps to disarm Sweden so severely that we must join NATO, and thus become a vassal state to the US, or the goal is simply that the enemy will laugh themselves to death. I think maybe the latter strategy is the plan.

3. Weak national police force
Sweden has thousands of skilled and ambitious police officers. But they lack organization and management. They are forced to prioritize football matches and political meetings, while Swedes must secure their own protection through neighborhood watch, private security companies and their own fists.

4. Extremely good access to weapons
We in Sweden complain about the liberal gun laws in the US. But the fact is that it is easier to get a legal weapon in Nybro than in New York.

Here in Sweden, anyone can take an evening course to obtain a hunting license. Then you can buy six rifles in a military sniper class. In addition, ammunition that will create such damage that under the rules of war it must not be used against people.


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