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Saudi Arabia’s King Salman “Slapped The U.S. President”

Saudi Arabia King Salman’s decision to skip President Barack Obama’s meetings with Arab leaders is drawing praise across the influential kingdom with Saudis backing their leader on social media and expressing anger at the United States for its nuclear negotiations with Iran.

“His excellency King Salman hit the strongest slap on Mister Obama,” a local Saudi rejoiced on Twitter. “Salute and respect” the king.

A review of social media posts revealed similar support for the king, who did not “fall into the trap” and “slapped the US president.” Salman decided to designate his crown prince to attend the Gulf Arab summit, despite earlier announcements by the White House that Salman would attend the Camp David gathering.

“Obama is the arch enemy of the Sunna, he is the leader of the coups in the region, and King Salman understood that,” one Saudi tweeted. Another posted: “Salman didn’t buy the ‘pig in a poke’ of Camp David. Obama is marrying Iran, they will announce that at the end of June”.

At least 40 Islamic satellite channels are expected to launch a media campaign against Iran today, called “the truth about Iran”. The channels say they will broadcast special shows that “expose Iran’s crimes and its roles in the Middle East”. Several influential Saudi clerics will take part in the campaign, although it is still unclear whether it is an initiative driven by the Saudi royal family.

The preliminary deal between on Iran’s nuclear program, along with the ongoing conflict in Yemen and Syria, are expected to be the top topics at the Camp David summit on Tuesday and Wednesday.
His excellency King Salman hit the strongest slap on Mister Obama. Salute and respect him

The campaign “The truth about Iran”, promoted by prominent Saudi clerics


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