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Is ISIS about to send women to die on suicide missions? Chilling fanatic wedding certificate states jihadi brides can carry out bombings without husband’s permission

  • Document says husband can not stop his wife going on a suicide operation
  • The final decision over her life rests with ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi
  • Shows Islamic State’s desperation at ‘losing the war’ expert told MailOnline
  • Jihadi who tweeted document said: ‘Women under ISIS are more powerful and free than any in the world’

The emergence of an ISIS wedding certificate – which allows jihadi brides to carry out suicide mission without the husband’s permission – suggests the terror group will use more women to carry out their twisted attacks, a counter-terrorism expert has told MailOnline.

Written in Arabic and signed by both husband and wife, the chilling document states the final decision over her life – and death – rests with Islamic State’s leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi.

Under ‘conditions of wife’ it says: ‘If the Prince of believers [Baghdadi] consents to her carrying out a suicide mission, then her husband should not prohibit her.’

This is Islamic State’s desperate attempt to force women to the battle-front to replace the countless male soldiers being slain in bloody battles across Iraq and Syria, experts have told MailOnline.

The document emerges amid the shocking reports that three teenage girls have fled ISIS from their stronghold in Mosul, Iraq, and are currently being hunted down the by the militants.
289E0E0A00000578-0-image-m-3_1431519484691Agreement: The wedding document (pictured) which states a husband can not stop his wife going on suicide missions suggests ISIS will start using women to carry out their depraved attacks
289E0E1700000578-0-image-a-2_1431519478661Depraved: The document was tweeted (pictured) by an unknown female jihadi who claimed women living under ISIS rule are ‘more powerful and free than those in the rest of the world’

‘This is the next stage up from foolish British girls being lured to become sex slaves,’ according to the Director of the Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies at the University of Buckingham.

Professor Anthony Glees told MailOnline: ‘We regard female suicide bombers with particular horror. It goes totally against how we value young women and the gift of life they can offer.’

‘From our perspective however fanaticism as depraved as this may be a sign of desperation… to imply the fanaticism of the female suicide killer is now something we must worry about if they come back to the UK.’

ISIS – like most extremist groups in the Middle East – have abstained from using women in attacks in the past.

An alleged jihadi bride living in the Syrian city of Raqqa – known simply as Umm Farriss – posted tweeted a picture of her suicide belt in the first piece of evidence to suggest British women are being armed with bombs. But there is no evidence of her using it.

And back in 2005, Sajida al-Rishawi failed to explode a bomb strapped to her chest during an Al Qaeda plot to destroy a hotel in the Jordanian capital Amman.

Professor Glees believes Islamic State’s attempt to spread fear and confusion through this document means ‘they are losing the war’.

2517B70400000578-3079857-image-m-16_1431532914580Bomber: Terror groups have abstained from using female bombers in the past and one of the very rare examples is Sajida al-Rishawi failed to explode a bomb strapped to her chest during an Al Qaeda plot to destroy a hotel in the Jordanian capital Amman

Adding: ‘Just as Hitler deployed ‘V weapons’, Islamic State are now using young women and intimating their loyalty to the ISIS leaders is greater than to their husbands.’

He believes the fanatics will counter these claims by suggesting that both male fighters and their jihadi brides are now the West’s ‘mortal enemies’.

But ISIS could use female bombers to devastating effect, a counter-terrorism expert from think-tank RAND has told MailOnline.

Colin Clarke told MailOnline: ‘Feigning pregnancy is an easy way of concealing bombs and we’ve seen this from other militant groups who use female suicide bombers.

‘As the group continues to expand, the group continues to expand its recruitment and to bring more females.

‘At a certain point they want to militarise them. And the women themselves may not be content with simply being one of three wives.

‘ISIS’s predecessor AQI would use women suicide bombers because they were less likely to be searched at checkpoints and they wear the long, black Islamic robes which conceal the explosives.

‘Part of it is out of necessity because they have been losing a lot of fighters and so, at a certain point, it becomes a matter of pragmatism.’

The document emerged on social media on May 9 after it was tweeted by a user called @axn___i whose profile has since been shut down.

In the post, the potential jihadi bride claimed women living under Islamic State rule are ‘more powerful and free than those in the rest of the world’.

Shocking images and videos have previously revealed how women contribute to the violence inside ISIS-controlled areas, but they have never engaged in battle against opposition forces.

Women in the notorious Al-Khanssaa Brigade wield automatic weapons and impose strict Sharia law in their adopted capital of Raqqa in Syria.


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