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Mehmood Abbass : The Real face and History of the so called Angel of Peace

Few days ago Pope met Palestinian President Mehmood Abbass , gave him a medallion and prayed that may he become an angel of peace. Initially it was falsely reported that Pope said that Mehmood was an angel of peace, and as that is not the case now the matter should be put to rest. But to me giving a peace medallion and blessing a man like Mehmood to be an angel of peace is outrageous. I am sure most of you would feel horrid if Pope prayed the same for Hamas leaders, then why not for Mehmood who leads Fatah an equally terrorist organization.

I will discuss the history of Mehmood Abbass today and why pope was very wrong to meet a person like him in Vatican, recognizing a Palestinian state and praying that Mr Abbass be an angel of peace.

Most of what i will write is basically common knowledge, but still i will write the facts to disprove the people who are trying to defend Mr Abbass here by saying that he deserves such an award.

Mehmood Abbass was born in 1935 and later his family went to Syria. He was educated in Damascus.Later he earned a PhD degree and his thesis was called “The Other Side: The Secret Relationship Between Nazism and Zionism”. In his thesis he denies the Holocaust took place and the numbers were exaggerated. He acts as a particular Holocaust denier. In recent times he has defended this by saying that at that time we were at war with Israel, i wouldn’t have written this now.
Then do you know that he is one of the few surviving people who founded Fatah. He is one of the founding fathers who worked with Yasser Arafat.

Then the reign of terror starts. Munich Massacre happened in 1972 in which eleven Israeli athletes were massacred. The leader of the group Abu Daoud who carried out the murders later said that Mehmood Abbass provided all the funds for this operation. Can you see the gravity of the situation here.

In 1985 Achille Lauro hijacking occurred , in which 4 PLO terrorists hijacked a ship and later threw an elderly Jewish person in a wheelchair overboard. Abbass went underground for a time when his involvement in the operation was exposed.

Overtime he has generated funds for multiple terrorist operations across the world against Israelis.

He supported Saddam Hussain during the Gulf War of 1991. And later asked forgiveness from Saudi Arabia when Iraq lost the war.

He only became the head of Fatah after the death of Yasser Arafat because all the other candidates were either dead or in Jail. He has been ruling Palestine like a dictator ever since. His term expired half a decade ago but still continues to rule without any elections and keeps on giving himself illegal extension. As per international law he is an illegitimate power-hungry dictator.

As a matter of fact the policies of Mr Abbass , his corruption and his failure to step down acted as a catalyst for Hamas and its win in General elections in Gaza. Hamas made Gaza a terror hub under its authority. Other wise there was no chance of Hamas wining the elections anyway.

Mehmood Abbass is famous for corruption, He has embezzled millions of dollars in aid which comes from USA, UK and UN. He has three sons. None of them live in Palestine. His elder son used to run a multimillion construction company in Qatar. He died at age 42. His second son is a Canadian national and has the quota for the sale of all American cigarettes in Palestine. He is also a multi millionaire. Not much is known about his third son. Abbass treats governing Palestine as a family business and does not care a bit about the peace process or the people he rule.

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